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Happy Memories - Memory Monday 12/14/2020

This week is a special week here on the Outer Banks. Not only is it the week before Christmas and all of us are preparing for another influx of visitors. But it it also Wright Brother's week where we celebrate the anniversary of the First Flight here in Kill Devil Hills.

December 17, 1903

Was the date when the two famous brothers from Dayton, Ohio got their heavier than air machine flying. According to witnesses the historic event happened on a very windy morning at 10:35 AM. Each year we mark the event at the Wright Brother's National Memorial with a celebration, and some sort of flyover.

This year is even more special because on Thursday night the town of Kill Devil Hills has decided to have a fireworks display to mark the event. It should make for some happy memories for those that get to see it. You can view the fireworks live on the town's you tube channel. The fireworks begin at 7 PM on Thursday night.

Now as for Memory Monday it too brings us happy memories of a stay that happened this past September by Sherri McClanahan of Cedar Grove, North Carolina and her brother, sister and father. They all gathered at the property "Glistening Sands" in Nags head and shared several pictures with us.

Happy Memories
Happy Memories
Happy Memories
Happy Memories
Big Fish
Happy memories
Not so Big Fish

Sherri tells us that this was a special trip as they all gathered to celebrate Dad's birthday. It was one of the first times they group had gathered since losing their Mom to cancer. It looks like the trip was filled with happy memories.

We thank you Sherri for sharing your great photo memories of your stay with Outer Banks Blue. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

All the best from the beach!

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