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Picture on the Beach - Memory Monday 12/21/2020

Good Monday from the Outer Banks. We hope you get the opportunity to relax with your family at some point this week and enjoy Christmas. The Outer Banks seems to be filled with folks who have decided to enjoy this week here on the beach. Here's to making great memories wherever you find yourself this week.

Simple Memories

This week's memory Monday photo submission is very straightforward. A picture of two young folks on the beach. What better memory could you have as a parent?! We can visualize this picture living for decades to come with these two looking back on this moment fondly. Even if they don't remember the exact moment, they will remember the context of family vacations taken on the Outer Banks.

The Memory Monday photo for this week is brought to us by Katherine Diehl of Hanover, Pennsylvania who stayed with OBX Blue this past summer at the Southern Shores vacation rental property "Summer Place." Here's her picture.

at the beach

Thank you Katherine for sharing your photo memories. We look forward to serving you and your family again soo. This picture is shared today as a reminder of how important memories are when you are with your loved ones. We hope you make fantastic memories with your family this week. No matter if you are on the beach or at home. Enjoy your week.

All the best from the beach!

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