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How To Survive Long Days At the Beach

Summer's approaching faster than you think and you know whatthat means; Long hot days at the beach! If you're like me then you can barleycontain your excitement when you think about being under the warm sun whilelistening to the sound of the waves roll onto the beach. I try to make the mostout of my days at the beach. I clear my whole schedule and plan on staying fromlate morning until the evening. Long beach days like this take a lot out of youand many people couldn't imagine staying that long. But for all the people thatlove beach days as much as I do here is how to survive a long day on the beach!

1. Stay Hydrated

survive by staying hydrated

This may seem like an obvious tip as we're told our whole lives to make sure that we stay hydrated and that we should be drinking x amount of water every day, but you may not realize just how easy it is to get dehydrated at the beach. You are at the beach after all and you're spending a lot of time in the water which should help keep you hydrated right? Wrong. Since the ocean is salt water this will actually add to making you more dehydrated. Not only will your skin absorb salt from the ocean, but you may notice every time you go for a swim in the ocean that you inevitably get water in your mouth and sometimes you may even swallow a bit. Not only do you have to worry about the sun causing you to sweat and make you dehydrated you must also factor in how often you get in the ocean and compensate for all of the salt you are soaking in. I would advise you to pack more water than you think you may need and also throw a few sports drinks or Pedialyte into the cooler to get those electrolytes back up throughout the day.

2. Protect Your Skin

survive a day on the Outer Banks beach

We've all heard this before; "make sure youwear sunscreen". As annoyed as we may have been growing up with our parentstelling us this it is a very important step to surviving a long day at thebeach. After all, I think we can all remember a night or two of being in painbetween your burnt skin being extremely sensitive and the heat radiating out ofyour back heating up the sheets to a temperature that is way past the point ofuncomfortable. Some may want to prevent this discomfort later, some may want toprevent wrinkles and age spots, but I think you and I can both agree thatneither of us would want to have skin cancer. Whatever the most importantreason is to you just make sure to protect your skin at the beach. Make sureyou're applying a broad-spectrum (this protects against UVA and UVB rays),waterproof sunscreen that has at least 30 spf regardless of how tan you may be.Applying one time when you get there is not enough either. Make sure you arereapplying your sunscreen every 80 minutes and even more often if you aregetting in the water a lot. Pack an umbrella to sit under while you're enjoyingthe view. It's also a good idea to keep a shirt on hand incase you are gettingtoo hot. This may seem counter intuitive, but one reason you are getting hot suddenlyis because your skin is roasting under the sun.

3. Pack Snacks

survive outer banks beach day

If you're planning on spending the wholeday at the beach, throwing a few sandwiches in the cooler for a "lunch break"is definitely not enough. Load it up with snacks that will last throughout theday. You'll be on the beach all day in temperatures that can reach 100 plusdegrees with the heat index, the last thing you want is to pass out from noteating enough. You'll be sweating all day from the sun, potentially runningaround, and swimming in the ocean. These activities will not only cause you tolose electrolytes like we mentioned earlier, they will cause you to losenutrients as your body will be burning them. Skip the twinkies and pack somefruit, nuts, granola bars, and some peanut butter crackers. You will needprotein and nutrients to survive the long day of fun in the sun that you haveplanned!

4. Bring Things To Do

things to do on the Outer Banks

We can all agree the beach is one of the most fun places to be. As fun as it may be, after a few hours or so a lot of people tend to get bored. No one wants to cut their beach day short due to boredom or one of the group members whining about wanting to leave early. To prevent this from happening, make sure you pack some things to do. Bring a book to read. This may not be the best option in the middle of summer due to all the kids playing in the area, but if you enjoy reading than take it to be beach for an even better experience. If you're anything like me and don't like reading let me first apologize for this lengthy article (if you've made it this far) and secondly make sure you bring some more exciting things to do. Breakout the boogie boards, bring corn hole, a frisbee, a football, grab the surfboards and get ready to have a long day of fun in the sun. Bonus tip: Bring pails, shovels, and a blow-up kiddie pool if you have kids. For more beach tips with kids.

If you make sure to implement these 4 tipsyou should have no problem surviving a long day at the beach. Remember; stayhydrated, protect your skin, pack snacks, bring things to do, and never forgetthe most important thing about a long beach... HAVE FUN!

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