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Lighthouse looking - Memory Monday 2/12/18

Good day from the OBX!   It is a very warm, but a little wet day here at the Outer Banks today.  We had record setting temperatures yesterday (74 degrees is February!), and it really makes us look forward to the arrival of spring.  Today's Memory Monday photo gives us a good example of two other types of weather we experience.   Lighthouse weather and hurricane weather.So, this week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Dotty Chobanian of Hopewell, Virginia who stayed with Outer Banks Blue last September in the Nags Head vacation rental "Fins Up."During her stay she had a beautiful day to go and take a look at the Currituck Beach lighthouse.   That is a great day trip by the way.  The original keepers quarters are restored and available for viewing, and the small entry fee charged to climb the light is more than worth it to get the view of a lifetime from the top.The lighthouses along the coast of North Carolina are all marked very distinctly so that mariners that can see the lights during the day time can know by a quick look exactly where they are located.   The same thing happens at night by the way with the timing of the blinking of the light - every lighthouse has a specific interval between flashes so mariners will know at night where they are.We have a second photo from Dotty is a picture of the waves kicking up during the passing of Hurricane Jose.'s up Dude!  It is a good thing that the storm didn't come any closer than it did.  Those are some big waves.Thanks Dotty for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.  We hope the weather is better next time!All the best from the beach!
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