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Polar Plunge: Memory Monday January 16, 2017.

Polar PlungeGreetings from the Outer Banks in January!   On this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday the Outer Banks aren't exactly the summer hot spot that it will be in a few months as we are feeling temperatures in the 40's and we have overcast, cloudy conditions with a little rain coming through early this morning.Not exactly a great beach day, but a great day to book your 2017 beach vacation! Our operators are on duty 24 hours a day, and our bookings have been, excuse the expression, brisk so far this year!With that said however we give a tip of the hat today to Chris Brown and his crew of Salem, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue over the Christmas/New Year's holiday and found time to at least snap a photo that looked like they were all ready to jump in the ocean even with temps then very similar to what they are today.Talk about a polar plunge!  With water temps hovering in the 50 degree range that is one cool dip that will wake you up in a hurry!Chris and his crew stayed in Kill Devil Hills in the vacation rental "Always Sunny" which is one of the few properties in the area with an indoor pool.   Now that is more of our speed at this time of the year.  A nice 75 degree water temperature sounds pretty good right nowThanks for your photo Memory Chris. We look forward to serving you and your hearty friends again soon.All the best from the beach! 
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