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Baby It's Cold Outside!: Memory January 9, 2017.

Baby It's Cold Outside!Greetings from the cold and frozen Outer Banks!   We did not get as much snow as was predicted this past weekend (3 to 6 inches were predicted to fall on Saturday), but we did get about an inch of snow and the very cold temperatures which made (and is still making) an icy mess.   Main roads are clear on the Outer Banks today, but yesterday was treacherous travelling on the beach, and with temperatures dipping into the teens both last night and the night before we expect there will be many broken pipes and problems in our houses when things warm again into the 50's tomorrow.With all of this cold and ice we thought it would be a great day to share a warm summer memory on this Memory Monday!Jon Jacobs of Charlotte, North Carolina provides us this week's Memory Monday photo from this past summer.  Jon and his family stayed at the property "A Wrighteous Time" in Kill Devil Hills and paused a moment on the beach to take this group selfie.Thanks for your photo memory Jon, and thanks for staying with Outer Banks Blue.   We look forward to warmer temperatures and being able to serve you and your family again soon!All the best from the beach! 
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