Posted by Tim Cafferty

More Beach To Love: Memory Monday June 5, 2017.

Greetings from the Outer Banks on a sunny Monday morning where last week the beach nourishment operations began in Duck to create More Beach to Love.More Beach to Love is the website that our Dare County government officials have created to keep everyone updated on the progress of a much needed, and long-awaited pumping of sand on our eroded beaches.   The project has been talked about for years, and delayed from the Spring of 2016, but it is finally here and it is happening quickly.The project started last week in Duck where just over 2 miles of beach will be fortified, and then the project will move south to Kitty Hawk in July, and to Kill Devil Hills in August to areas that need more beach to love just as Duck.The operation is a 24 hour per day project which has been a challenge for some on the oceanfront having to deal with heavy equipment working on the beach at night, but all agree the project is well worth the minor inconveniences that last no more than a few days at any one specific location.Speaking of more beach to love this week's Memory Monday photo comes to us from Aysa Cerny of New York, New York who stayed with Outer Banks Blue at the property "Corolla Crush" just last week.  You can see her group had a wonderful time at the beach.Certainly a lot to love during their stay judging by all of the smiles from the group in their picture.  Thanks for the picture Aysa, we look forward to you returning again soon.And we will have even more beach to love when you come back!All the best from the beach.   
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