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No Beach Nourishment for 2016 on OBX

Three towns on the Outer Banks are sticking to their budgets and not biting on beach nourishment bids that exceeded the amount of money on hand which means beach nourishment is on hold for another year.Bids for the Duck, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment Project were received last week.  Bids were provided by three contractors (Weeks Marine, Durta Dredging, and Great Lakes Dredge and Dock).  The lowest bid received was $48.3 Million which was a full $5 Million more than funds were available to renourish the 9 miles of Dare County beaches that were be targeted by this effort.beach-nourishmentThe other issue that surfaced was that the three towns, which combined their projects to save expense wanted the project to begin in the spring.   None of the three companies were able to start work in the spring due to other jobs that were in front of the OBX job.With easements and special taxing districts in place, timelines for the towns had been aimed at starting work this spring. Town officials are already in the process of putting loan mechanisms in place for approval by the state's Local Government Commission, which oWP-BEACH-NOURISHMENTversees municipal budget matters.All is not lost however, work is underway to ensure a contract will be signed as planned prior to June 30, 2016—the end of the current fiscal year. The Towns are working on a comprehensive update explaining the decision to reject the bids, and the details of the reissue of the Request for Bid which is expected to be open for a 2nd round of bidding as early as March.Stay tuned. 
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