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Outer Banks "Wicked Tuna" premiere


Wicked Tuna North vs. South Premiere on The OBX!

Tomorrow night (Sunday, August 17th) the National Geographic Channel premieres a new series that spotlights the Outer Banks offshore fishing industry in "Wicked Tuna  North vs. South," but an exclusive number of Outer Bankers got a sneak peek preview this past week.  Outer Banks Blue's reporter on the scene (me) was invited to attend the premiere.

Wicked Tuna is a television series that is hugely popular and been running on the National Geographic Channel for the past three seasons.   The show is based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts and follows the exploits of Bluefin Tuna fishermen that chase the monster fish in hopes of bagging thousands of dollars.   "Wicked Tuna" is Nat. Geo's most viewed program.

Bluefin tuna are the most desired fish for sushi and the overseas markets, particularly Japan, are willing to pay $30 or more per pound for the fish that weigh in at several hundred pounds. Wicked tuna chronicles the adventure of catching these behemoth fish.

Last season's top boat (F-V was able to bring in more than $126,000 worth of Bluefin tuna over the course of the 13 week television season 3 of the show.

Trying to build on the success of the original show, this new series, "Wicked Tuna North vs. South," brings some of those captains from Gloucester to the Outer Banks to put their fishing skills up against the best the Outer Banks has to offer and the premiere showed that the show is going to be hugely entertaining.  The Outer Banks enjoys a Bluefin fishing season each year beginning in the winter months and continuing until the fishing quota is met in the early spring.

The filming for the series took place in the spring out of the fishing village of Wanchese and highlights the local fishing boats "Wahoo,"  "The Doghouse,"  and the "Fishin Frenzy."   Local captains and mates were introduced in the show along with the already known captains and mates of the northern vessels.   Local Captains Reed Meredith, Greg Mayer, and Britton Shackelford will be introduced to "Wicked Tuna" viewers in style and are soon to become very famous.

"Fishin' Frenzy" headed to the fishing grounds

In the first few minutes of the series that will air Sunday night Captain Greg Mayer and his mate Nick Gowitzka open the Outer Banks Bluefin Tuna fishing season in a unique way.   You will need to watch the show to see all of his antics, but Nick opens the season with a bottle of champagne and a 12 gauge shotgun (not a good combination).    Hilarious!

The series starts on Sunday night, but the premiere of the show was held this past Thursday at the Pirate's Cove Marina to a standing room only raucous local crowd that was completely engaged with the show.    The premiere was held in conjunction with the annual Pirate's Cove Billfish tournament so there was a great deal of excitement and more than 1,000 people present for the premiere.

A great time was had by all, and we predict the show will quickly become one of the favorite shows of Outer Bankers and Nat. Geo. viewers as well.

All the best from the beach!

By Tim Cafferty, President, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

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