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Porter OBX Vacation - Memory Monday 11/13/17

This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Erica Porter of Gratiot, Ohio who stayed with Outer Banks Blue for the 2nd time at the property "Sunset on the Half Shell" in Duck.Erica shares with us 3 pictures this week which captures a different aspect of her family's vacation with us in each instance.First Ms. Porter shares with us a shot of her daughter Eva guarding the pool to be sure no one is unsafe wearing her OBX Lifeguard sweatshirt.Then she shares with us an action shot of a great catch of the football on the beach by her son Jack.   Nice hops Jack.  Great one handed catch too!  You did catch that right?Finally Ms. Porter shares with us a picture of her athletic son Kyle in a live oak that is in front of "Sunset on The Half Shell."  Many folks don't realize how many trees we have on the Outer Banks, and this live oak is a great example of how they grow.   The prevailing winds help twist and turn these hardy trees into all sorts of shapes, but they sill provide a great canopy of shade, and make for nice climbing too.It seems that Erica has found a house that works well for her family and so she joins the huge number of guests that actually come back to the same property to continue the happy memories made the first time around.   Some say as many as half of the guests that come to the OBX come back year after year, and many go back to the same location.It seems like the Porter family had a great vacation with us, and so we look forward to hosting you and your family again soon Erica.All the best from the beach! 
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