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Super bowl food - Memory Monday 2/4/19

Greetings on this 1st Monday of February. Did you enjoy the big game last night? The super bowl did not produce as much scoring as anyone expected, but I'm sure we all enjoyed the food associated with the big game.

We here at Everything Outer Banks were reading a few days ago that each state has their own most popular food for the super bowl . We were interested to see that North Carolina's favorite food for the big game is Cobb Salad. I don't know about you, but I've never had a Cobb salad during the Super Bowl.

Virginia, New Jersey and Ohio's favorite game food is Buffalo Chicken Dip. Maryland seems to have a more realistic Pizza as the most popular go to food. Pennsylvania goes with Chicken wings, while New York checks in with Spinich Dip, and Florida enjoys cake.

Some of the strangest ones we saw were Oklahoma's Chicken Noodle Soup, Maine's Paella, Montana's Lentil soup, or California's Baked Chicken breast. Really?!

We enjoyed our nachos, wings, popcorn, and chili watching the game, but most of all we enjoyed the big game with our friends.

Friends. That is what this week's Memory Monday is all about. Friends celebrating being on the Outer Banks, but you could replace that with the super bowl game.

super friends
Neldara Dowell and Friends celebrating the OBX!
Super friends
Jennifer Giannotta and friends
Super family
Carly Nusbaum and family enjoying the pool

However you enjoyed the game, we hope you had as good of a time as these folks did.

We can't wait to have you all here again soon to enjoy great times with good friends. We will have plenty of Cobb salad waiting for you!

All the best from the beach!

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