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Corolla Wild Horses: An Outer Banks Treasure

Summer has settled over the Outer Banks and a little past where the paved road ends in Corolla, the heat of the day is settling in. It promises to be a great beach day, warm temperatures, the ocean cool—but not too cold, and the surf rolling in with one and two foot waves. Families are on the

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Breakout - Memory Monday 3/26/18

Horse BreakoutWe have posted many pictures here previously of the Corolla Wild Horses that roam freely north of Corolla in the Carova, Swan Beach, and N.C. State Park areas.  This week we bring you some more pictures, and we bring you a news story.   It seems there was a breakout of

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Why Horse Lovers Flock to the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks has a long and illustrious horse history that has become a mainstay of our local culture. From spotting wild horses on the beach and working to preserve their place in nature to even adopting a Mustang, the Outer Banks is an equine lover's heaven.Wild Mustang HistoryA sighting of the...

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I Do!: Memory Monday June 6, 2016.

I Do!Today's Memory Monday Photo Submission is a bit of an understatement.  Thanks to Nicole Algeo of Wilmington, Delaware who shares this photo that was taken in May of 2015 on the beach in Carova.Yep, more than just a Memory Monday, but a Memory of a lifetime!  The horses are real by the...

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