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Great Taste....Less Filling - Memory Monday 12/9/10

Greetings from the Outer Banks and we hope you are enjoying the start to another week. This week on Memory Monday we offer a photo to further the debate of decades. Great Taste or Less Filling.

Beer Commercial History

We don't like to brag about our depth of knowledge here at Everything Outer Banks. We are however old enough to remember the Miller Lite introduction into the light beer world. It was 1972 when Miller Lite or "Lite beer" was introduced. The marketing slogan was ingenious and it featured the idea that "if you can combine great taste with less filling then you can combine anything."

What followed was years of raucous commercials that were humorous about what the better quality of the beer was. Was it "great taste?" Or was it "Less Filling?" The commercials were hilarious, and they were recently named one of the top 10 commercial campaigns of all time.

We were just thinking about some of the celebrities and sports stars that appeared in these ads. Rodney Dangerfield, Bob Uecker, Joe Frazier, Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner, and many others have been on Lite beer commercials over the years.

Beer Dogs

That brings us to today's picture which was provided to us by Mary Schellenger of Richmond, Virginia who recently stayed with us at the Nags Head vacation rental "Carolinian II." The picture stars her two dogs


Please note, for historical accuracy, neither of these beer drinking dogs is actually drinking Lite beer, but the humor still lives on. We think the photo is in "great taste!"

Thanks Mary for sharing your photo memories of your stay, and thanks for a great smile on this Monday morning! We look forward to serving you and your two beer pups again soon.

All the best from the beach.

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