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Weather Moving in - Memory Monday 8/19/19

Good Monday morning and we hope you had a great weekend. This past weekend was a great example of the changing weather on the Outer Banks. We had beautiful sunny skies, we had strong thunderstorms, and we had picturesque landscapes after the weather moved out.

Summer Storms

We've had a very dry summer this year on the Outer Banks, but over the past week we had a number of quick, strong, and voluminous storms move in and out of the area. This week's Memory Monday captures one of those storm fronts moving through the Duck area.

Special thanks to Daniel Flynn who stayed with us a few weeks ago in the Duck vacation rental property "Villa Al Mare" who captured this photo of the Duck area oceanfront just before an evening shower rolled through.

Quiet scene on the Ocean

We love this picture as it shows us so much about the Outer Banks. The ocean is placid with just a single rolling breaker coming in. You can see some rain far off to the north cooling off all our visitors after a hot summer day. You can also see how clear the air is in this beautiful shot.

Thank you Daniel for staying with Blue, and thank you for passing along your photo memories of your stay with us.

You can be like Daniel by sending along your photo memories for our consideration. Each week we look in our folder of photos and post a photo memory for everyone to enjoy and then post one for your enjoyment.

We look forward to sharing more with you next Monday morning!

All the best from the beach

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