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Neighbor Issues: Memory Monday July 18, 2016.

Neighbor issuesThis week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Bethany Latham of Rexford, New York who has stayed with Outer Banks Blue several times at the same property.   "Here Comes The Sun" in Corolla is the spot where Bethany catches a good view of the neighbors out for a walk.Mom with the backyard horsesThe fence you see in the foreground of this picture is the property line of the Currituck Banks Reserve  which is a sanctuary where the Corolla Wild Horses are penned by a sound-to-sea- fence and they are free to roam without interaction with the public.The Corolla Wild Horse Fund is a non-profit organization that is the official protectors of these beautiful animals. is their website and we encourage you to find out more about these majestic creatures that date back hundreds of years.As for Bethany and her family she says the horses came up to the backyard of her rental property a few times, plus they says them in the water up the beach where they were staying.  "But, there's nothing like waking up and having these neighbors in your backyard."  The view is from the lower deck of the property.Thanks Bethany for your photo submission.  We look forward to having you back to see the Corolla wild horses again soon.All the best from the beach!
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