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Memory Monday 10/22/18 Sunrise

We really don't mean to be repetitive here at Everything Outer Banks, but it occurs to us, although most people don't get up early enough to enjoy them, the majority of photos people have on their phones is a picture (or 12) of an OBX Sunrise.We that live here on the banks get conditioned to seeing

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Good Morning Sunshine - Memory Monday 4/23/18

What a beautiful sunrise we enjoyed this morning.  Reminds us of the song good morning Sunshine as the bright yellow ball rose over the ocean today.  Not to be confused with the song Good morning Starshine by Oliver.  Good morning sunshine  is a silly song written and performed

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Sunrise - Sunset Memory Monday 1/22/18

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean is something to behold, but most folks don't realize that sunrise also has dramatic vistas on the fresh water side of the Outer Banks as well.  So we call this Memory Monday photo submission Sunrise - Sunset.This photo comes to us from Linda Pyle of Eaton,

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